The Disconnect between ED Research and ED Policy with Joshua Katz

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2 Responses

  1. Mimi Martin

    Great job, son, very well spoken. I am so proud of you and you mission.

  2. Jim Oase

    To know and not to have done, is not to know yet.

    Education without a purpose… accomplishes what?

    Our children are born ignorant of their role in life cycles and their society. Its the natural responsibility of parents to prepare their offsprings, each with different likes, skills, determination and capabilities to become parents and repeat the process.

    A person with special skills, loves math for instance, needs an application for those skills. Teaching children to love math is like a rumination without a purpose. Spread sheets and calculators will solve math problems, will they solve needs?

    History is our stories, our parables that teach lessons in preparation for an upcoming challenge. Additional education, including ethics, morality and integrity provides tools needed to solve those challenges.

    Communities who elect school boards, do so with the expectation that the local school board will help the parents to prepare their children to be the next generation of parents in the community. School boards who lack the ability to work exclusively with the parents, shielded from outside influences are doomed to a bystander role.

    Compulsory education laws created our current falling level of public education nationwide by making bystanders out of the parents and school boards.

    We need George Washington’s approach to the abolition of slavery to achieve the abolition of compulsory education, legislation that repeals laws creating those situations.


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