The Moxie Methods Saga 

We were tired of seeing students hunched over their desks with yellow, No. 2 pencils in hand, filling in multiple-­‐choice bubbles.  We were fed up that students’ days were spent in front of computer screens, where they’re trained to become proficient test takers. We were disappointed that the sound of laughter had been replaced with the maddening sounds of computer mouse clicks.

We were also infuriated our practice had been hijacked by testing company executives, who will stop at nothing until their scripted curriculum is used in every classroom, because that’s what increases profits.

And if we heard the term research­‐based, data or proficiency one more time, we would certainly scream our heads off.

We wanted to get back to why we started teaching in the first place – that moment when we see students light up with discovery.

It started with the idea of abandoning the mandated curriculum and, from time to time, breaking the rules. Moxie Methods were created to start mini learning revolutions in classrooms all over the country.

Each Moxie Method features a strategy and an explanation of what the teacher and students will gain from these activities. Also included, are options to amp it up; so you can take Moxie Methods to the next level in your classroom.

You will notice each Moxie Method has a moxie meter. The moxie meter indicates how difficult the method is to implement in the classroom, either because of prep time or because you may get called into the principal’s office for using some of these methods.  After all, sometimes we have to ask for forgiveness rather  than permission, right?

Failure, vulnerability and chaos are absolutely necessary for learning to take place. That goes for students and teachers. So be sure not to give up; Moxie Methods may take you and your students a little practice.

Moxie Methods help you wander off the beaten trail of standardization and onto the overgrown, abandoned road of authentic learning and engagement. Rather than help teachers think outside of the box – a term we hate more than research‐based – Moxie Methods shows you there is no box. Enjoy!

Kathleen Jasper

Founder ­‐ ConversationED

Get our Moxie Methods Classroom Toolkit! Ten methods, one for each month. You will not see the terms research-based, standards or benchmarks in this document. They’re just really cool practices to make learning fun and engaging.

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