About Us

ConversationED is a bipartisan blog founded by Kathleen Jasper, a former teacher and education administrator. Launched in 2013, ConversationED features original content, videos, podcasts and information covering education policy and education issues.

Our mission is to be purveyors of authentic conversation regarding all issues in education and initiate the necessary dialogue to impact change.

The ConversationED team is comprised of educational leaders, school counselors, writers, artists, designers and more importantly, innovative and creative thinkers. We are determined to provoke change and engage our audience in the necessary discourse to revolutionize a broken educational system.

Our Team

Kathleen Jasper – Founder

On a Wednesday afternoon, after a battle with my principal over school policy, I decided to abandon my career as a K-12 educator. I was already writing my blog ConversationED, where I exposed injustices in the American public education system.  On the weekends I was an activist, but during the week I was contributing to the problem as an assistant principal enforcing bad education policy. I decided I could no longer put on the pencil skirt and heels, my standard administrative uniform, and impose detrimental education practices on students and teachers. I left to build ConversationED.com and begin a discussion that was long over due. I am an activist, educator, writer and game-changer inciting a conversation about education policy and action. I am also a consultant working with public schools, universities, non-profit organizations and media professionals to impact necessary change to move forward with innovation and creativity”


Brendan Downing – Director of Branding and Marketing

I am the brain behind the branding, marketing, look and feel of ConversationED.  My mission is to make the user experience and extraordinary when visiting our site and reading our content. As an educator for over 10 years and an expert in ed tech, I am able to use my talents to inspire students and people interested in issues in education.