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Skip the grades, assessments and homework. Instead, engage in fascinating concepts applicable to your real life!


Cut the boring aspects of a typical class and dive right into the most interesting parts.


Augment your understanding of biology by taking our 6-week course, Genetics I. This course brings cells, DNA and the study of genetics to life with engaging content, videos, podcasts, infographics and labs. 


Our Genetics I course is flexible, self-paced and completely online. 


In addition, when you enroll in our Genetics I course, you gain access to our exclusive, Google + community. This is a private, safe, social community, where you can interact with your instructor, engage with your classmates, and take advantage of offers only available to our Google + members. 


Our instructors are crazy for the subject they teach and their enthusiasm is contagious. 


Genetics I by ConversationED is $149.00

       Free Word Wall and Video Tutorial

We are obsessed with interactive word walls because they cultivate creativity and critical thinking. We can't wait to share our Genetics I Interactive Word Wall with you. SIgn up for the course today and we will email you the interactive word wall and tutorial. Use it with our Genetics I course and get the maximum learning expereince!  

Don’t Take My Word For It!

 “Mrs. Jasper’s dedication and attention to detail is second to none. Her passion for teaching and student improvement is what helped me reach my full potential in High School. Her lessons and guidance have continued to benefit me into my collegiate career.” 

Eric Hobbs

 Former student currently attending University of Florida. 

 “I had the opportunity to be a student of Mrs. Kathleen Jasper. I can honestly say I have never learned so much from a teacher than I have from her. The class was engaging and she helped me in understanding complex biology  concepts. Ms. Jasper used interactive examples and hands on activities to add variety to learning the material, aside from just using lectures. I retained the knowledge I gained in her class, which helped me later on in Marine Biology my Senior year of High School and even Biology my Freshman year of College. I am very thankful to have had Ms. Jasper for a teacher and I highly recommend her to any student interested in any course she is teaching.” 

Haley Philip 

                  Former student currently attending University of Central Florida. 

 “Ms. Jasper was the most effective communicator I have ever had as a teacher. She wasn't afraid to get creative when students were struggling with complicated concepts, but what made her special was how motivated we felt in her classroom. Biology was my favorite class that year.” -Austin Young student currently attending University of Florida

Austin Young

Former student currently attending University of Florida

Here's exactly what you get in our
Genetics I Course by ConversationED:

  • Full access to six modules of online learning, packet full of content, videos and super visual infographics. 
  • The opportunity to learn at your own pace. Get the whole class at once and decide how you want to take the course. 
  • A very cool Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab with tutorial video. You can easily conduct this lab  in your own home using items from your kitchen. 
  • Access to a private Google+ community where you can interact with your classmates and teacher and gain access to exculsive Google Hangouts with your teacher. 
  • Bonus extension activities where you can take your learning to the next level.
  • A Courses by ConversationED Genetics I Certificate after completing the course you can use in a learning portfolio. 

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I look forward to guiding you through the amazing world of genetics. 


Kathleen Jasper