10 Years of Testing in Florida

10 Years of Testing

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  1. Sue Woltanski

    How are you calculating the costs? I am working on exposing the costs in Monroe County and would love your help. Where did you get you numbers and did you include the costs of necessary technology, lost teaching time, cost of teacher inservice regarding testing procedures, etc.?
    Great Graphic!

  2. Chris Quackenbush

    both Brookings and FLDOE are not covering district costs of testing. They were both paid off by Gates. Go to the Florida Channel Feb 18 2014 and see Gary Chartand say that it is over $2 Billion to simply implement Common Core in FL. SB1076 to implement common core was passed without any financial analysis which is required for any bill costing the taxpayers over $250,000. Take the cost of the total education system times 40% and that’s one way to cost it out. We are testing about 40% of the time in class.


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