Information Highway or Dead-End Street?

Dear Ed Inquiry,

I love to incorporate technology such as QR codes, Twitter, and online resources for research and word studies in my classroom. Yet, I am always disappointed in the level of excitement and engagement amongst my students. 

They seem to love technology for personal use, but not so much for educational purposes. How can I bridge the two, even if only a teeny tiny bit?

Thanks for your help!

Information Highway or Dead-End Street


Dear Information Highway or Dead-End Street,

We hear you loud and clear!  It is so frustrating to think you’re all cutting-edge only to have your students collectively roll their eyeballs at you like you’re some kind of prehistoric creature.  

While we applaud your incorporation of technology (too many try to ban it with horrible results), remember that even if you are young and hip, chances are they are one step ahead of you. Or two. Or one hundred.  It’s just really hard to impress today’s youth!

One way to increase engagement is to show them that social media isn’t just for personal communication. They need to see how it can connect them to community resources.  It can actually help form business relationships that will benefit them in their future endeavors. 

We will be hosting a free Twitter for the Classroom webinar in October, so check our website frequently for that announcement and link to sign up. 

Until then, consider asking the students how they would like to implement tech into the classroom.  Nine times out of ten, students have very innovative ideas about integrating this amazing tool into their education experience.  We’ve talked to students who use twitter chats, Facebook groups, Instagram and even Snap Chat.  But teachers and administrators have to be brave enough to implement these applications.

And since it is unlikely you will ever know more than the kids do regarding social media and tech, consulting students on all things tech would not only empower them to follow through, but you will probably learn a thing or two.  

Let us know how the marriage between high-tech and low-tech works out in your classroom. Remember, balance is essential, especially in today’s quick-changing world. 


Ed Inquiry

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